Contemporary Abstract

In her creations, JalinePol expresses her personal view of the world.

Contemporary art” encompasses all the works produced since the 50s, or even 70s to these days, regardless of style and aesthetic practice.

“Contemporary” art would then refer to how things are done nowadays. However, “contemporary art” is not limited to contemporaneousness. Contemporary method is to be understood as seeking to assert its independence in relation to the notion of “classical” arts, but also with respect to the “fine arts” in its categories: painting, sculpture, etc., and in opposition to the “modern” way. Contemporary art is rather conceptual: the artist, starting from a concept, seeks to provide new sensations. In that sense, art gradually loses some of its representative function. Multiple means of expression arise and the artists, with much freedom, combine several disciplines in their creations. The viewers are then faced with suggestions or questions aimed at stimulating thinking and eliciting reactions. It is for them to interpret the works and make them theirs through their own glance.

At the end of the 20th century, contemporary art lost some of its ideologies. Provocation, questioning and undertones are still used by many artists “as an instrument for exposure, and create new ones”. For others, the analysis of their process and works invite us to consider contemporary art as the expression of their personal view of the world.

In JalinePol’s world, contemporary art is expressed through the stylistic renewal or the mingling of the artistic trends and movements. She has always enjoyed creating atmospheres, animating the elements around her in order to better show her feelings and emotions. A colorist at heart, it is with extreme care that JalinePol prepares her blends, adds matter, and handles the relation between color and matter, and the subtle color undertones and overtones. Before even the canvas or her lump of clay, JalinePol’s work is fundamentally important and preempts her creations. Under the knife, alternately the colors thrive and the facets of the clay model take shape and compose her moods and the expression of her artistic creations.


Abstract contemporary art

An abstract representation pertains to a subject in the traditional sense when it evokes an object, a person or an emotion. Colors and matter will play a role that is more or less figurative or symbolic. There are two distinct approaches to abstraction, the first one being rather geometric, the second one being more personal or even subjective. Abstract painting seeks a definite break with figuration, displaying the will to represent reality or elements of figuration within an “anti-realistic” reality.

In JalinePol’s inspiration, pictorial abstraction may take various formulations. We are caught in her lyrical when she mixes colors and matter, likely guided by the CoBrA techniques. On the contrary, she pulls us into a more thought-out and geometric construction, but also into the depth of matter as she turns towards informal painting, like a will to break away from the influence of impressionism or cubism.

In front of her abstract works, all that is left of it then are vibrations of colors and shapes. Through her additions of materials such as sand in paint, her work on layers and pigments, JalinePol’s painting becomes an experiment on matter.

As her work unfolds, the colors may disappear and everything then tends to slip toward monochromy. JalinePol then asserts shape, total harmony, balance and unitary composition. Her works are realized in the moment, with a kind of improvisation, creating signs to which she gives meaning. Beyond the opposition between figuration and abstraction, her orientation toward black especially falls within the “American abstract expressionism” that she animates with matter, brilliance and emotions, like a kind of emphasis on bright energies.

In her creations, her work as an artist and her very way of conceiving abstraction, JalinePol creates “abstract” emotions and aesthetic pleasures: she seeks to represent something, a kind of illusion over the world.