With symbolism, the subject matter is ever less important. For JalinePol, it only serves as a pretext to transcend content.

Artists from the symbolic movement enjoy transposing a concrete image in an abstract reality.

Symbolism refers to the analogy that the painter transposes between the abstract Idea and the image intended to express it. This movement is a reaction to naturalism and to the realistic approach of impressionism. The symbols make it possible to reach a higher reality of sensitivity and inspire the artist’s imagination.

For the symbolists, the world is not limited to a concrete appearance one can reduce to rational knowledge. It is still a mystery to be deciphered, which makes the painter a mage. Applied to painting, symbolism became an ideological trend with a certain influence in the creation of abstract art.

Symbolism is turned towards the past, nature, myth or religion. Symbolist art is about what’s hidden, someplace else, invisible, with symbols being a major focus.

Georges-Albert Aurier (1891) defined symbolism as follows: “Firstly the work of art shall pertain to the idea, since its only ideal shall be to express it; secondly it shall be symbolist since it shall express it by giving it shape; thirdly it shall be synthetic since it shall write its shapes and signs in accordance with a general pattern of understanding; fourthly it shall be subjective since the object shall never be considered as an object but as a sign perceived by the subject, fifthly the work of art shall be decorative.”

JalinePol delivers to us her experience from her travels to Africa and to the Middle East through the symbols of primitive art and an army of Phoenicians from another place. Paintings full of mystery, given new birth by our thoughts enchanted by the creator’s magic.

« Une armée de charme
Qui montre ses armes
Une marche pour la beauté
De très anciens guerriers »

Poème de Joëlle Vincent, in Emotions.
Peintures de JalinePol. Textes de Jean-Louis Avril et Joëlle Vincent. Editions : Galerie des Vosges (2001).

“An opening in a rock formation and our eye goes towards the inside, where we rapidly lose track. A few figures are made out and their path becomes a mystery.

One wants to follow in their footsteps wherever their creator is leading them in order to able to see more and more how far invention can go, and where the real ends.

 A creative delirium, with the painter empowered to recreate in thundering tones that which nature has so timidly outlined”.

Poème de Joëlle Vincent, in Le Regard de JalinePol.
Peintures de JalinePol. Textes de Augy Hayter, Jean-Louis Avril, Joëlle Vincent, Ludovic Boillat. © JalinePol W (1999)